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This is further difficult if one takes into account the other variations of the legend wherein Diarmuid is cursed with a spot on his pores and skin that entrances any girl who sees it; which is what occurred with Deidre who magically forces him to run away along with her, though Diarmuid did come to genuinely love Deidre in time.

After watching this show viewers would possibly assume that changing their values for a man is necessary in order to discover love when in reality you shouldn’t have to change your values, however instead have your values identified and accepted by the opposite individual.

I lastly agreed to my mother’s suggestion (properly, confessing that I liked her too), and the drama began (clashes between the 2 families) – great upheaval in my life, the waves tossing my life’s boat, threatening to drown it. But the Lord Jesus who was on the helm of it, steered my life, granting me peace even amidst these turbulent occasions.

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